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A Brand New Quest

For years, I’ve been creating content online, and in all true “perfectionist” fashion, I’ve been on this secret quest to figure out how to do it right.

How to find the right niche

How to find a path to consistency

How to be the best content creator

How to make money off your passions

How to…

You name it! I’ve researched it. Becoming a breakthrough creator on the internet seemed like such a big task. I’ve been to conferences, read books, and accumulated all of this research just to be stifled by the overwhelming nature of the process. You know how sometimes when a goal feels so overwhelming you respond by just sitting?

Yeah, that has been me for so long. Just sitting.

Sitting on ideas

Sitting on passion projects

Sitting on blog posts

Sitting on dreams God put in my lil heart

All because the deeper part of my heart was on the wrong quest. The quest to do it “right.”

The quest of being afraid to do differently than what I’ve already seen.

The quest of being fearful of the power of my voice.

The quest of what others may think.

The quest to do it "right?"

This “How To” quest has stifled my creative journey for too long and it's time for me to regain power. This time – I’m on a new quest.

It's not the quest of “How To” provide the best content

It’s not the quest to do it the way it’s already been done

It’s honestly not even the quest to convince anyone to follow this journey that doesn't want to be a part

This new quest that I’m on is simply the journey of Becoming. On this journey, I’m inviting you through a series of reflective outlooks, thoughts & inspirations that God puts on my heart to go on the journey to discovering YOU!

As you read through this blog, I pray that you too find the light of inspiration that lives deep down inside you.

You may not be a content creator, blogger, or YouTuber. Whatever God has inspired in your heart -- I pray that together, we can go on the journey to discover our light & sing the little child's song “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” (side note: that was lowkey giving Sunday school teacher lol a lil cringe but I loveeeee it haha )

Let it shine… authentically.

Let it shine… despite what others feel.

Let it shine… through the journey of healing.

Let it shine… while still figuring it out.

Let it shine… FULL.

Let it shine… when it feels uncomfortable.

Let it shine…

I pray that together we discover the light of God that shines in you… IN US!

Listen, friend! I'm learning that at some point in time, you have to wake up to yourself and decide...

The life you want to live

The person you want to BE

The legacy of light you want to leave

And go on the quest to say “NO" to anything that isn’t aligned with the truest version of who God has designed you to BE.

My name is Tiona Wilson & I’ve decided this is my quest! I pray that you join me on the journey, friend! A journey of evolution, light, and healing. An open journal dialogue of evolving towards the best version of self…the You that God created. The YOU that is growing, learning & simply figuring it out. The most authentic version of you.











Evolving in real-time, LET’S GET IT :)

Written with Love,

T <3

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