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Breaking In

Updated: May 25, 2023

Hunty, I don't know about you, but I love a new pair of shoes! I feel like a brand new woman. The insurmountable possibility of fits that will expand my wardrobe leaves me jumping for joy. All I can think is, "Chilleee, the ppl ainttttt readyyy when I get to steppin'." Lol, you feel me? Ready to EAT them up, respectfully.

Until it's time to break them, babies, in!

You know that little dreadful break-in period you've got to walk through when getting a brand-new pair of shoes? It's a little tight, uncomfortable, and it takes time to adjust to the newness. Well, I've been trying to find the language to describe how it feels to grow into a new version of yourself, and I finally found it.

Stepping into a new state of evolution feels like breaking into a new pair of shoes! I've been in this place for a little while, so as I've promised, I will keep it real, raw, and uncut with you.

Honestly, I feel blessed to be in a beautiful place right now; shout out to God. However, there are days when I feel inadequate. Sometimes, I find myself asking God if I am capable enough to excel and if I have what it takes to be who He's called me. As a person, I am constantly evolving and undergoing transitions. However, this process can be uncomfortable at times. I have noticed that discomfort often leads to resistance, which I have realized in expression looks like ungratefulness.

You know the kid in the class "acting out," and it seems like it's for no reason at all, but deep down, they're resisting because of a belief they've internalized about themselves? Well, that has been me with God, resisting because I don't fully believe I'm capable of what He called me to. The truth is I am extremely grateful for my journey of becoming, but also, I'm a bit uncomfortable with the growth that I'm experiencing.

Maybe you're in a similar place where you're grateful for the prayers God has answered and the newness you're experiencing, but you're also uncomfortable. I want to encourage you that both can coexist. You can have a new pair and be extremely excited about the possibility of fits but still need to break them. Do you see?

There is a period of time that you have to grow through to break into this new version of yourself. I've discovered that the secret code to breaking in is to walk. It may take a few miles to get used to the changes, but you can't remain still and resist the growth. To fully embrace the new you, you must keep moving forward.

This is a call to action for whoever is reading and myself to continue walking forward. It is a decision to walk. Repeat after me: "I'm choosing to walk in the newness that is *insert your name here* even if it gets a bit uncomfortable. I'm just breaking in."

Maybe you're a college graduate, and you're entering the next chapter of your life as a grad student or new employee, and you're wondering if you're qualified. Maybe you're a new mom, and you're extremely grateful for the precious gift that is your child, but you are wondering how you'll navigate this new part of your identity. Maybe you're me.

I don't know what your new state of evolution looks like or the discomfort that you're experiencing, but I do know that I feel you! Remember, we're growing together. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but I want to encourage you to keep walking. You're just breaking in! The beautiful thing about this journey is you're not just breaking in for yourself. Your courage to keep walking will benefit generations of women coming behind you. So keep walking; there's so much more to your story. Hunty, you're just breaking in!

I'm proud of you, sis! Keep breaking in. You truly haven't seen anything yet. We're in this together.

Written with Love,

Your Girl T :)

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