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Maybe, Just Maybe...

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Maybe it’s bigger than you

Maybe the sweetest moments can’t be captured... yet lived

Maybe silence is a lot sweeter than the noise

Maybe, just maybe, God put you here to be a breath of fresh air for someone else

Maybe it’s deeper than you realize

Perhaps more personal

Perhaps greater than you can ever imagine

Maybe, just maybe, this time, you can’t dream it up for yourself… but you gotta live to see the vision

His vision…

Thoughts + Reflections

This season of life has been more personal than ever, and I can't describe what God is doing in my heart. I'm learning that we don’t have to because nobody is owed an explanation of their lived experiences. Social media has made us believe that we owe each other something + it’s false news. You owe your life to God, so live it for Him. In all of its beauty, twist, turns, + lessons.

Maybe life is about being.. you know? Not the perception of being, but actually taking the risk of reaching your truest potential. To BE meaningful, trustworthy, integral, transparent/fr with your own self + get to the deepest parts of you. I’m learning to accept/appreciate that’s living… reaching the most internal part of who you are. At this point, the only thing I truly want to journey after is being whole.

All of this CAP anyway… maybe, just maybe, it’s better to live life for what you were created for than to create a curated life 😮‍💨💭

I've been thinking this so much lately that… maybe, just maybe, God wants me to simply be me… instead of being so consumed with what I can create; maybe He wants me to focus on being who He created. Truly stepping into the real me + this is probably why this camp rock song has been in my head for weeks!!!!! 🤣 miss girly snapped!

I felt her, though… no more hiding! Nothing to prove, nothing to lose… everything to gain when you live with intent.

IDK, just my thoughts 💓 Maybe it’s for more than just me; maybe you can feel these words too? Maybe, just maybe, there is so much more to this life… so much more to you ✍🏾💭

Real-Time Thinking,

T <3

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