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Hiiii friends! Welcome to my blog :) My name is Tiona Wilson, but you can call me T or Princess Tiona b/c PURRR. Lol

I’m a 20-something, personal style queen, student of life + self, lover of words, and daughter of a loving, endless BIG creative God! Finding my way in the Queen City as a creative professional, by day and content queen, by night. I graduated C/O 2020 from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a degree in English and have since been on the ghetto adventure we call “adulting.”

I’m a curious soul that loves to ponder on the deeper meaning of life and pursue life’s random adventures. My deepest motivation is to explore + discover the true meaning of contentment + life itself.

I’ve always had this knack for inspiring the best in others. It's one of the most natural and authentic parts of who I am. If you meet me for all of 2 secs, I can guarantee you’ll feel the warm presence of someone that literally just wants to see you win. You’ll be greeted with a “heyyyy friendddd,” a bright smile, a curiosity about how you're really doing, and of course a colorful, fresh fit.

These are just a few things that describe me, though! I genuinely believe that the greatest transformation begins with a question. Lately, a question in rotation for me is “God, who am I?” Not from a place of identity crisis or confusion, but out of mere curiosity. Every day is a new opportunity to discover a new facet of self. So, I’m on an endless journey of self-discovery, growing and evolving. This blog is a love letter to the journey of becoming.

Let's grow together, friend!

Written with Love,

T <3

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