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Real-Time Reflection

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I genuinely believe that the greatest transformation starts with a question.

A huge question in rotation for me lately is simply… “God, who am I?” Not out of a place of confusion or identity crisis either, but, tbh, out of mere curiosity. I really just don’t know ---- none of us do.

And I’m kinda glad, haha.

Sometimes I believe that we think it’s only good to ask that question once or twice & we get an answer, + boom; we got it… I know who I am. In reality, the truth is that it is a daily question. If we’re being realistically irrational, we should probably be asking that question every single second we breathe in/out.

The point I'm getting to is every waking day, there’s a new version of us waiting to spring forth, + it’s okay just to be curious. Every day is another opportunity to look at one’s reflection + ask God, who am I?

There are many phases to becoming: childlike curiosity, the undoing of an older version that reveals new layers of your evolution to get to an even better version of you, and sitting with yourself in silence. All of these aspects are so important to the process of evolution but, for whatever reason, seem very unappreciated.

What would happen if you start getting curious about who God created? Dispelling the myth of having it all figured out because be fr that’s so unrealistic!!!! There’s so much more to you & honestly, it’s just old news to short-circuit the discovery of self by gathering all you know about yourself right now + then concluding, “This is who I am,” please, there’s so much more!

Can’t stress it enough.

Get in the mirror & start asking God… “Who am I!” instead of formulating your own hypothesis, ask the creator friend!

Here, let me try; Okay, yes, I'm Tiona, a girl who loves fashion, inspiring others to be their best selves, instrumental music & thinking about the depths of the human heart’s conditions. (not in a scientific way either, lol)

But also, there’s so much more to me, + every day is another opportunity just to be curious about God's creation.. about you, that is! It’s okay if you don’t know, life is a journey chilleee, get curious on the adventure.

Maybe I should’ve prefaced this by saying curiosity isn’t an excuse for lacking self-awareness. It takes courage to be aware of who you are now to truly step into the process of undoing so that you can discover + become all that you’re meant to be.

We're growing together, right friend? Listen, it just may be time to get curious about the version of you that’s waiting on the other side of this simple question: “God, who am I?

Ask + you shall receive, xoxoxo.

📍: simply evolving

Real-time Reflections,

T <3

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