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Walk Sign Is On

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Legends can’t depend on crowd validation or approval because the crowd hasn’t even caught up to the purpose yet. Real approval comes from the secret place.

And that my friend is on JESUS.

If Jesus had waited for the crowd or even his solid ones (the 12 or 3 in the garden… cause they waw sleep too) to fully approve his God-given purpose.. where would we be? LOST

This outlook is simple: sometimes you gotta move on what’s inside of you relentlessly & uncomfortably, even with the knot in your stomach, even if it’s a vision only you can see.

Maybe they won’t approve of it.

Maybe they won’t understand.

Maybe they’ll spectate for a while before they acknowledge or celebrate you.

Maybe they is fear or the people closest to you, or they is you 👀.

They don’t approve of your purpose; God does. Move on what’s inside of you anyway. It’s gonna shift something. The walk sign is on, and you gotta MOVE! When you GO, always find rest but don’t quit. There’s always more inside of you.


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