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Where Are Your Feet?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I’ve been reminded so many times recently to STOP + be present in the room that God has placed me in.

It’s one thing to physically be in the room/space where God has called you, but it’s another to be intentional + allow your heart, mind, and perspective to show up in that same place.

For me, I haven’t always been very intentional about internally resting + residing where God has placed my feet.

Sometimes it’s easier to silently run/fight from the beauty in which He’s called you because you’re uncomfortable or it doesn’t look like what you thought it would than to embrace what’s in front of you FULLY.

You can miss out on the very good that God has for your life, thinking you’re supposed to be somewhere else OR staying married to the dreams you’ve dreamed for yourself & the idea of who/where you thought you were supposed to BE.

The moment I realized that what you receive tells you a lot about where your heart is located is when I resolved in my heart this truth: “When I receive what God has for me (not just the dreams I’ve dreamed for myself), I’m NOT lacking any good thing.”

I felt stuck. I felt a lack because my heart wanted what it wanted instead of surrendering to what God wanted. God’s DREAMs for my life are so much better than mine. Until you begin to OWN who God has designed you to BE & the dreams He has for you… you’ll be stuck questioning who you truly are.

Reminders to slow down, be patient and align with God's timing for your life.

Try asking Him: God, show me how to be me. What are your dreams for me?

These are the simple questions I’m learning to ask Him because chillleee, I don’t know & then trying to pretend as I do 🤦🏾‍♀️

God has dreams for you that you don’t even know about. Ask Him about it 🙏🏾

Spoiler Alert: they’re 10x better than yours! I can attest.

Life Hack: To be present is in His presence. Give it a try. Ask Him to show up. I promise He will.


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